Digital Events

Did you know 
Over 80% of all major events have a element of Digital Display

LXi Technologies is taking digital events to a new level by focusing on the WOW. We put emphasis on creating a event with a life long memorable experience. 

We provide our clients with a customized service offering based on specific project delivery needs. Each project benefits from a single point of contact from our experienced Events management team. By working from our offices we can efficiently plan events for all locations and deliver multiple, consistent executions.

Our team is committed to delivering excellence and being fully accountable for the service they provide.
Event Management Services include:

• Full project management
• Budget development and control
• Venue procurement
• Supplier sourcing and management
• Transportation logistics
• Onsite staffing

Our Digital Equipment

* LED Backdrop 

* Interactive, Floors Tables and Registration Screens

* Digital Desks

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